28 Oct

Packaging and Removals Services in Kenya

Are you looking for the most efficient packaging and removals services in Kenya? You are about
to find the leading one. Discover what role packaging companies play in the supply chain of any
industry. Ufanisi Freighters is among the leading clearing and forwarding companies in Nairobi.
When you engage a competent company, you are guaranteed of safety of your goods.

Depending on the type of goods that you transport, trucking companies in Kenya will keep them
in labeled consignment and containers. For example, foodstuffs should not go into the same
consignment as cosmetics and chemicals. This is just one of the numerous basic regulations of
packaging products for transportation and shipping.
For example, clearing and forwarding company in Mombasa will advise you on other complex
regulations. For example, goods that are deemed dangerous and hazardous have to be handled in
a special wrapping and casing to avoid exposing humans and other products to harm. Failure to
follow transport and shipping guidelines could attract hefty penalties that cripple your business.
Export packaging has to meet international standards. There are several authorities that monitor
the packaging of exports and imports to ensure safety of not only the goods, but also of the
people handling these. Ufanisi Freighters is one of the leading air freight companies in Kenya.
As the company has been in the industry for many years, let its professionals package your goods
for you.

If your goods will be transported via road or rail, they need special packaging. You see, these
modes of transportation are often bumpy and rough. As your goods are exposed to these shocks
and impacts, they may break or suffer undesirable tear and wear. Luckily, the most experienced
packaging and removals services are ready to lend a hand.

Civil and electrical engineering companies in Kenya have made great steps as far as smoothing
transport is concerned. Perishable goods are packaged in cold rooms to safeguard their integrity.
Today, your goods can be kept under refrigeration while on transit. You can rest assured that
they arrive at their destinations while still fresh.
Packaging and removals services in Kenya take into account the stages of handling that your
goods will be subjected to. For example, consignments may change hands severally. Further,
goods may need multiple loading and re-loading. If they are not packaged in a versatile manner,
packages may tear away or be dented.

It is important to consider the weight of the package as well. If you wrap a consignment in too
much material, this increases the general weight of the shipment. This in turn increases the
charges at clearing and forwarding points. Therefore, insist on packaging that takes as little space
as possible while safeguarding the contents therein.Consider the pros and cons of packaging materials before settling on any. While paper-based packaging is lightweight, it may not offer the ideal protection of goods. On the other hand, sheets
of aluminium wraps are ideal to keep contents intact, but they might increase overall weight.
Experienced packaging and removals services such as Ufanisi Freighters will help you with this.

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