28 Oct

Freight Forwarding Companies in Kenya

Without freight forwarding companies in Kenya, doing business would be a very difficult task in
the country. You see, air freight companies in Kenya such as Ufanisi Freighters understand the
process of importing goods. They know all the legal, ethical and cost-saving approaches of
shipping and transportation.

Do you want to import goods from abroad? Learn the proper way of doing this so that your cargo
arrives in good time. In addition, following the legal channel helps you to stay away from trouble
with the law. It might be possible trying to process your own cargo at the airport or at the port.
However, finding a seasoned clearing and forwarding agent saves you the hustle.

Clearing and forwarding companies in Mombasa and other cities that receive international cargo
help you to select the proper mode of transportation. For example, goods that are perishable need
to reach the market fast. Transporting them by air is the most prudent option. Examples are meat
products, milk products, fruits, vegetables and certain beverages.
Otherwise, you can have goods such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, electrical and other non-
perishable products transported by train or road. Forwarders know the best civil and electrical
engineering companies in Kenya. Therefore, you can rest assured that your goods will arrive in
their best shape, quality and excellence.

When you seek the best custom clearance services in Kenya, the professionals will mark and
label the cargo correctly. This directs cargo to be placed in its right package ready for
transportation. Proper labeling helps in ensuring that goods arrive at the correct physical address.

The last thing you want is the hassle of trying to trace lost or misplaced packages.
What happens when cargo is damaged, lost, stolen or suffers other undesirable incidents? You
could end up making unprecedented losses that can potentially cripple your business. Ufanisi
Freighters and other trucking services in Kenya can help you avoid ugly incidents through proper
insurance. They can advise you on the best insurance companies according to the goods you
import or export.

Exporters and importers are usually laymen who might not understand legal jargon and freight
terminology. Luckily, clearing and forwarding companies in Kenya are well-versed and can
educate traders. More importantly, they can advise anyone importing or exporting goods on trade
laws and regulations.

Most business people understand the fact that importing and exporting is a complex process. Sea
freight companies in Kenya step in to remove that complexity. They are therefore the best people
to solve shipping complications as they are aware of alternatives. They can negotiate rates of
inland and ocean cargo handling in a way that saves businesses real money.

Clearing and forwarding companies in Mombasa work with government agencies such as the
Kenya Ports Authority to ensure the quick release of cargo at the port. When traders delegate
transportation duties to professionals such as Ufanisi Freighters, they can rest assured that goods will be delivered to their inland warehouses in a fast,
convenient and cost-effective manner.

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