28 Oct

Warehousing Services in Kenya

The fact that Ufanisi Freighters helps businesses to save costs cannot be overemphasized. This is
a crucial step in the overall supply chain management. Companies that offer warehousing
services in Kenya are not just places to keep finished goods. They are also points of preparation
of goods for delivery to the market.
If you sell imported clothes in Nairobi for example, you will have to ship them from whichever
country by sea or by air. They are handled by sea freight companies in Kenya or air freight
companies in Kenya on your behalf. After clearance at the port or airport, you need trucking
services in Kenya to transport your package to Nairobi.
Since your store may not be as large as to hold the entire package, this is where warehousing
services in Kenya come in handy. From the warehouse, you can get smaller packages of assorted
clothes and to stock your shop. The same is also true for many other wholesale and retail
companies. Simply put, warehouses help you store goods temporarily as they await the market.
If you are a trader in or around Nairobi, you have to undergo custom clearance services in
Kenya. After that, a warehouse manager helps you distribute the goods to their respective final
destinations. You do not have to engage a different company. Ufanisi Freighters does all this.
You might just get a discount on warehousing services if you do business with the company

Civil and electrical engineering companies in Kenya store your goods in tamper-proof safes. If
you need refrigeration or other special conditions for your package, rest assured that such needs
will be met. They understand the need to preserve the quality and usefulness of products.
Examples of these are foodstuffs, electronics, cosmetics and home improvement products.

Clearing and forwarding companies in Nairobi help you to retrieve goods fast and conveniently
from the warehouse because goods are properly labeled. After that, you can dispatch orders to
various customers, thanks to efficient trucking services in Kenya. This is essential in ensuring
goods are availed whenever needed thus lowering your cost of doing business.

If you are shipping imports via sea, talk to the best clearing and forwarding companies in
Mombasa. They can store your goods in their warehouses as you await transportation to your
store. In fact, your costs are much lower if you opt to work with a company that does clearing
and forwarding as well as offering warehousing services in Kenya.

Since a warehouse is a central location where you can access your products easily and
conveniently, it gives you peace of mind. The fact that the facilities are secured against burglary,
fire, vandalism and other ugly incidents is an added advantage.
More importantly, warehousing can help you strike a delicate balance between demand and
supply for your products. It is upon you to decide the bulk that leaves your compartment at the warehouse to your actual shop or store. Evidently, companies such as Ufanisi Freighters and
others that offer warehousing services in Kenya are a godsend.


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