Company History

Ufanisi Freighters (K) Ltd., was established in Kenya in 1989. Over the years, we have grown to be a world-class integrated logistics solutions provider in East and Central Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Southern Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, DR Congo, and Zambia) where we maintain a strong presence and the world at large. Our success is built on a highly proven team of professionals with strong commitment to deliver more than we promise, strong financial standing, and an easily reached top management team.

We offer world-class logistics solutions for sea, air and land. To comply with the prevailing industry regulations, we have separated Clearing &Forwarding from Cargo Consolidation. Consequently the two lines of business operate under the following trade names:

Ufanisi Freighters (K) Ltd: To provide clearing and forwarding, airfreight, sea freight, warehousing, transport and collateral management services.

Ufanisi Logistics Ltd: To handle cargo consolidation, packaging and removals.

Our consistent top of the range quality services have compelled our customers to reward us with loyalty strong reputation in the industry and revenue growth. We are proud to be the service provider of choice to a wide range of clients that include leading tea exporters/importers; United Nations Agencies; Government departments and agencies; County Governments; shipping companies; cement manufacturers; millers and corporate bodies.

In line with our promise to deliver value added service to each of our clients} we observe strict election criteria of our agents who must be technically competent} reliable,honest,flexible and at all times working towards realizing our Vision.

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