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Clearing and Forwarding Companies in Kenya

Clearing and forwarding companies are crucial intermediaries between a company or individual
who is shipping cargo and other stakeholders in a typical shipping chain supply. Companies such
as Ufanisi Freighters are responsible for the handling and, management of cargo on behalf of

Simply put, clearing and forwarding services organize shipments for corporations and
individuals directly from manufacturers. These professionals use a variety of shipping mediums.
Examples are cargo planes, ships, railroads and trucks. Evidently, many manufacturing,
processing industries would not be successful were it not for custom clearance services in Kenya.
In Kenya, clearing and forwarding companies existed for many decades. There are perhaps
hundreds of such companies helping local business people and foreign investors to receive goods.
Clearing and forwarding companies in Mombasa are perhaps the busiest. You see, Mombasa is a
major East African port.

Ufanisi Freighters are among top providers of custom clearance services in Kenya. They help
owners of cargo to move goods efficiently, safely and in a timely manner. Forwarders in Kenya
are also referred to as at the port are responsible for conducting crucial procedures such as

The port receives cargo from countless destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.
Air freight companies in Kenya follow closely with tens of thousands of tons of air cargo coming
into the country. Such companies have to be licensed by freight handling authorities in order to
conduct business in Kenya.

As they have been in the business for many years, Ufanisi Freighters possess enviable expertise
in cargo handling, movement and management. For example, the company can have cargo
transported from a plant in China to a Chinese seaport by truck. From there, the cargo is
transported to the Kenyan seaport by ship. Finally, the cargo is loaded onto a truck which then
transports it to a client’s warehouse in Nairobi.

Part of the work that sea freight companies in Kenya do includes reserving shipping space for
cargo. This is because cargo has to be inspected at the port before it is ferried to its final
destination. Therefore, the professionals have to work with port officials if cargo is coming by
ship and airport officials if cargo is coming by air.

Buyers of cargo usually delegate the role of documentation to clearers and forwarders. Examples
of relevant documents at the port and at the airport are sales invoice, purchase order, bill of
lading, certificate of origin and air-way bill among others. Companies that offer trucking services
in Kenya are thoroughly versed with these exports documents.

On the other hand, air freight companies in Kenya handle and process imports documentation.
Examples of such documents are bill of entry, sales invoice of supplier, buyer’s purchase order
and other documentation as may be required by law.

Since cargo changes hands severally, these documents have to meet standards of both the origin
country and the country of destination. From this brief job description of clearing and forwarding
companies in Kenya, anyone buying goods from abroad is encouraged to seek the services of
professionals such as Ufanisi Freighters.

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