28 Oct

Cargo Consolidation Companies in Kenya

Just as the term suggests, cargo consolidation is the process of merging several small
consignments to make up a complete container of goods. Ufanisi Freighters is among the leading
cargo consolidation companies in Kenya. Apart from being the leading clearing and forwarding
companies in Nairobi, they also cater for importers and exporters o smaller shipments.
You see sea freight companies in Kenya transport goods in containers. Sometimes, your goods
are so small that they cannot fill an entire container. In this case, you can talk to custom
clearance services in Kenya and ask them to consolidate your shipment with other smaller ones
to fill a container.
Here is a typical example. Assume that you export tea leaves from Nairobi, Kenya to Kingston,Jamaica. You will engage one of the leading air freight companies in Kenya for the actual

If your package is not enough to be counted as an ideal consignment, the forwarders will
consolidate your package with other smaller ones to make the desired volume of the
consignment. This phenomenon is usually referred to as Less Container Cargo shipment (LLC).
Here, all goods are well-labeled to avoid confusion. After shipping the goods to their destination,
the consignment that contains your packaged is opened. Depending on your wishes, you can
have your smaller package sealed in a separate bag and kept in warehouse from which it will be
delivered to its end destination.

Most clearing and forwarding companies in Mombasa such as Ufanisi Freighters have dedicated
consolidators. Their role is to measure the weight and dimensions of LCL shipments and prepare
them for consolidation. Reasons such as maritime regulations call for containers to ferry certain
weights of products. That is why consolidation is important.

Cargo consolidation companies in Kenya are a godsend for most business people who export and
import goods regularly. For example, your business continues supplying customers the goods
that they need. This in turn gives you profits and increases customer confidence. Otherwise, they
may not understand your predicament if you have no option of transporting your LCL goods.
While local businesses benefit from cargo consolidation, trucking services in Kenya remain in
business too. They encourage you to consolidate your goods with other people’s goods and have
these ferried at the same time. It makes business sense for them because transporting small
packages repeatedly is costly in the long run.

Prepare your LCL goods in advance to avoid having them delivered late. If you hand over your
package to a forwarding agent, that agent will have to wait for other smaller packages to make up
a container for shipment. This delay may cause customers to lose confidence in your business.
Therefore, have the package handled and cleared for shipping in advance.When you engage cargo consolidation companies such as Ufanisi Freighters, let them provide you with shipping details. For example, know exactly when the shipment will leave the seaport or airport. Know the expected arrival time so that you avoid delays. Evidently, cargo consolidation is an important procedure for small-scale importers and exporters.


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